4000rpm's approach

We try to offer a different way of thinking - a new perspective on your organisation that will help you see new oppportunities and make them reality.

Whether you're an ambitious smaller business or a multi-billion pound enterprise, it's important to us that you enjoy the high quality service and a broad range of knowledge. Large firm expertise with entrepreneurial flair. 

We do this through clever use of technology and people.


We use technology extensively in our business. It allows us to work effectively and efficiently, sharing information, gathering and analysing data, and collaborating in ways that allow input from a large number of people.

This extends to our clients. We look for the little improvements that 'make life better'. It might be automating processes, aggregating and analysing data, organising and sharing information or identifying duplication.


We are a small business with a big network. This means we are able to access specialist knowledge and experience to help our clients. Everyone we work with is part of our commitment to development, and we make sure that everyone has the opportunity for training and to attend events that 'open their eyes'.

For more on this, see our page on break out consulting.