4000rpm's ICT advice to help Scottish business

4000rpm is delighted to have been appointed by Scottish Enterprise to provide ICT business advice to ambitious small and medium sized businesses.

Our ICT expert support team have advised nearly 1,000 small and medium sized businesses in Scotland and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, covering a wide range of sectors. One of the key features of all our advisors is that they are also running small businesses in their own right and understand the issues that ambitious companies face.

If you would like further information or are a small or medium sized enterprise based in Scotland and think your company would benefit from a review, please contact us at ict4scotland@4000rpm.co.uk.

Our team includes:

Adrian Bereziuk
Adrian has spent the last 20 years in senior management positions in addition to running his own businesses. His knowledge spans many industry sectors and he has familiarity working with all layers of management and staff. Adrian is a regular face in the internet marketing community where he is considered an impartial and trusted source of information.

Adrian’s focus is towards business growth and his personal experience and wide network are valued by the clients he works with.

Adrian has helped to create the OnlineXcellence programme which has been designed for business owners and senior managers to generate additional wealth for their companies through effective digital marketing.

Peter Chatterton
Peter has considerable experience of working with SMEs on business improvement and innovation programmes, as well as developing industry and education sector/industry partnerships. He was a founding partner of the Automotive College designed to support SMEs in business and manufacturing improvement programmes.

Peter has worked internationally including in southern Africa and Eastern Europe and is actively involved with the Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management and has been a steering group member of the Commonwealth Action programme for the Digital Divide. He is the author of various books relating to the innovative use of technology which have been published by the Financial Times, Pitman Publishing and Kogan Page.

Jeremy Dent
Jeremy is a digital marketing communications leader who does extraordinary things with digital media, helping enterprises develop more rapidly by refining their purpose and message, adopting a digital mindset and masterminding social media marketing. He is also a digital marketing speaker, coach and blogger. His posts on digital marketing communications can be found at Social Media Compass.

He works solo and with digital agencies. He also helps run Speakeasy Groups, which helps business owners, leaders, sales professionals and anyone in an influencing role to develop persuasive presentation skills for those critical moments when their message has to make an impact: this is also about finding a core purpose.

Jeremy originally trained as an economist, has been an officer in the Royal Engineers and latterly worked in corporate communications, PR and Web development. He has worked with large enterprises in the technology sector, consumer brands and fast-growing SMEs.

George Dundee
George’s clients enjoy practical hands-on advice from someone who also provides ‘IT Director’ services.

His approach is commercial, aiming for optimum utilisation of IT budget and resources. For him it’s all about IT supporting the business objectives in a way that is sympathetic to each organisation’s operating environment.

George loves IT which enhances efficiency, promotes collaboration and communication and, simply, just works the way it should. He roots out technology which results in wasted budget, time and business opportunities.

An IT graduate, George has worked with a range of organisations from blue-chip to start-up, across a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil and gas, agriculture, sports and leisure and healthcare.

Darren Edels
Darren specialises in ecommerce. He set up and launched his first e-business, an online bookstore specialising in textbooks for students, shortly after graduating with a degree in International Finance and Capital Market Studies. Darren steered the company to be an early adopter of the Amazon Marketplace programme and under his leadership the business enjoyed significant growth with orders averaging 1,000 per day and turnover exceeding £1.5m.

Darren capitalised on the “marketplace structures” knowledge he had acquired and launched his next venture, a Web 2.0 company enabling users to customise T-shirts by adding their own designs. Advanced print on-demand technology allowed for items to be produced as one-off’s and delivered quickly. The site also offered an online space for user-generated designs to be exhibited and purchased by others.

Brian Mathers
Brian supports a variety of corporate and small medium enterprises. Specialising in internet marketing and working with partners including Adrian Bereziuk, he has recently launched OnlineXcellence for Scotland.

Brian is regularly called upon to deliver consultancy and workshops on a variety of ICT ebusiness and ecommerce internet marketing topics. He has a wealth of knowledge on web design standards, website visitor behaviour, internet marketing and delivers in-depth search engine marketing strategies. You will see him regularly attend and give his point of view at conferences such as Search Engine Marketing Strategies in both London and New York.

Fraser Rankin
Fraser's areas of interest include e-business solution and the design, implementation and remote administration of data and messaging systems, including FTP, Web, e-mail and remote access facilities on Windows, MacOS and mobile platforms.

He's comfortable in any business environment, with clients in the construction, e-business, graphic design, print, manufacturing (food and textile), precision engineering, retail, health, and legal and financial sectors.

Bill Taylor
Bill has over twenty years' experience as a management consultant spanning a number of industries in the private and public sectors, though he has particular expertise within professional services, technology/communication based companies and with public service organisations.

Bill applies his innovative and technical capabilities to help clients develop solutions to strategic business issues arising out of technological and market/regulatory change. He has a degree in law, a Masters degree in strategic management and is a chartered corporate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Colin Youngson
Colin is an IT consultant who focuses his high-quality expertise around the training, consultancy and project management spheres. He has delivered various IT related training courses and provided one-to-one specialist support and advice to numerous small and medium sized enterprises. Colin’s concentration is on the use of web 2.0 technologies to facilitate growth within an organisation. Moreover, his broad range of specialist knowledge encompasses strategic internet solutions, e-commerce, remote working as well as strategic solutions for search engine promotion.

Colin has experience working within both the private and public sectors where clients have included the NHS, Scottish Enterprise, local councils and the motor trade.