Making the most of technology

We rarely get involved in what would normally be described as pure 'technology projects'. If you want someone to design or project manage your SAP implementation then we can't help (though we may know someone who can). And if you want to know how to fix your problem with Exchange, we will politely point you elsewhere.

So why this page?

It's because we like to 'make life better' and technology is often at the core of this, whether this means automating processes, gathering and analysing data or communicating across long distances.

We can help you see the potential and call on direct experience. Is it possible to create a high level of comraderie and tight bonds in a new team of 20 or more people, all working in different locations, and meeting once or twice a year? We've done it, and will be delighted to introduce you to the people involved.

We're also interested in trends and how new innovations and inventions spread and develop a user base, eventually becoming part of everyday lives. Our work in education has given us access to some of the latest research in ICT and its use - this gives us a rare perspective to carry over to our commercial clients. 

This is applied, for instance in working for ambitious small and medium size businesses where we are able to offer advice and expertise on the following areas:

  • business processes (including management information systems, retail systems and customer relationship management systems)
  • hardware and software in an office environment
  • IT procurement
  • knowledge management and search tools
  • leasing and purchasing models
  • legal considerations (data protection, distance selling, disability discrimination, data storage)
  • networks (specification, management, different technologies including infrared, wireless and wired)
  • online systems (ecommerce, payments, search engine optimisation, online marketing, analytics, intranets, extranets)
  • remote working and support
  • security
  • telecommunications (telephone systems, voice over IP, integration with computer systems).